5 days to finding your website magic
We’ve all been there.

You log into your analytics account, stumped. What do all the numbers mean? Do the spikes mean improvement? How do you take it all in, and what exactly should you be looking for? I challenge you to turn the unknown into magic and take the 5 Day Website Analytic Challenge!

website analytics

Up for the challenge?

Here’s what you’ll come away with:

An analysis of your target audience. Are you drawing the users you want/expect?

A glance into how people are getting to your site. Which sources of traffic are most relevant to your goals? (Trust me, it’s like magic!)

How to track! Yes, we’ve all heard about tracking, but I know it just sounds like a lot of extra, upfront work. Why? Well… imagine making the perfect Poke bowl with just the right toppings and sauce. (Hold on, I’ve got a point here…) How would you replicate it without having it in your order history via Amazon Prime Now or Grubhub? It’s the same for your website! Track what works so you can replicate it again and again (and then build on it!). Is that a chance to try the Cheetos dust topping, I hear?.

PLUS! Multiple, actionable how-to’s including how to set up your goal conversions, how to pull the reports, and how to save views you’ll want to look at again and again.

Ready for the challenge?