Hey! I'm Britt from San Diego. I'm a mom to two and previous 9-5'er in the digital marketing world turned work-at-home mom.

 I'm here to help creatives and entrepreneurs (and especially other moms like me!) build + scale their dreams into reality.


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Instagram is the favorite social media app that everyone is using and talking about. How many people exactly are using Instagram? It’s estimated by eMarketer that 104.7 million people in the US — or 31.8% of the population — will use the app this year. With pretty, curated squares and engaging personalities online, it’s tough […]

Instagram: Everyone’s Favorite Marketing Tool, but the Most Rewarding?

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Your holiday planning may be underway, but are you ready for a few more good nuggets? Read on for solid holiday marketing tips, and five things you can implement now! Grab a notebook or jump into your favorite planning tool and get ready to write down these 5 holidays marketing tips and add them to […]

holiday marketing tips and strategies

5 Holiday Marketing Tips You Can Implement Now

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National “Get to Know Your Customers” Day is coming up on October 15th. Here are 5 ways you can get to know your customers now in a real, organic way. Ready? Let’s get started and find out how to get to know your customers! Ask questions on social media. One of the easiest ways to […]

Get to Know Your Customers

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Hey friends! Have you heard about the Facebook Ad Transparency feature? There are so many ways we can use this as marketers and creative freelancers, that I felt like it deserved a shout. What is the Facebook Ad Transparency feature?It’s a section of Facebook (not even Business Manager) that gives additional insight about pages as […]

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Using Instagram/Facebook Ad Transparency Tool to Your Advantage

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