Magic Tricks as a Mompreneur!

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We all know the “mompreneur” struggle of owning a business and being a mom. Your tips on how to run a business while being a mom.

What are some of your magic tricks as a mompreneur? Some of mine…

  1. Know the things that make business fun for you, and jump into those when you need a little break! For me, social planning or creating graphics is a fun break from numbers and strategy. My favorite tools: Canva and PlannThat
  2. Make templates and processes for doing the work! Eliminate added stress by making templates for common procedures. For me, that includes client strategic documents and presentations, lists for routine processes, social calendars, reports, onboarding docs, etc.
    My favorite tools to keep this all organized: Google Drive and Asana.
  3. Set yourself up for smooth operations to make $! For me, that means a smooth process to acquire, onboard, and retain clients while managing my finances. So my estimate, onboarding, invoicing, and balancing processes are ironed out. I use Wave and it saves me so much time. (I’ve also used Honeybook in the past, which works well if you have similar scenarios from client-to-client. ie. if you’re a photographer or event planner.) I also have my podcast guest interview process buttoned up!

How about you? How are you bringing more magic into your day today?




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