Best Business Podcasts to Add to Your Playlist

It’s almost the end of the year, and I’m wrapping up the best business podcasts in 2019!

My drive to work is typically at least an hour each way (if not more!) so podcasts are definitely my life-savers. I’ve found that I can listen to a podcast and get completely out of post-work mode. I think my podcast game has really increased this year, so I’m wrapping up the best business podcasts in 2019 and favorite go-to’s!

These are seriously the best..sometimes I get a little too inspired on my way to work and have to jot down a few things before I head into the office.

Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger: OK, who hasn’t heard of Jenna? This podcast is the best! From bringing on women who talk about productivity AND your cycle (soo fascinating!) to bringing on the top leaders in creative businesses, she always has good stuff to say. And I think my favorite thing about this podcast is that it’s relatable and makes me feel like my goals are reachable.


Julie Solomon’s Influencer Podcast: Julie was formerly in PR, and she definitely brings the business savvy to this podcast. You come away with actionable next-steps for a small, part of your of business. It’s helpful to hear how she deconstructs and simplifies business.

Social Media Examiner: Ohh, I just realized how many different content formats they offer! I like these for several reasons: they’re super meaty, super tactical, and super on-trend! If you’re feeling a little confused and need to quickly understand what you can do to level-up your social media game, just click through to one of these. The best part? They have a quick segment in the beginning about hot new tools in social–and a lot of the ones they feature are free!

I’m definitely more focused on learning and business-based podcasts right now, but I would love to branch out at some point! Do you listen to podcasts? Which are your favorites?

Author: Brittany

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