How Does the Time Change Affect Your Marketing

fall backWe set the clocks back in the fall (in some states!) and Daylight Savings can be a huge change to your week. Should Fall Back this year also adjust your marketing?

Definitely! A lot of things that we do as marketers or creative business owners are dependent on time. Email marketing and social media strategy are largely about timing. Whether you send something when someone is first getting out of bed or sitting down to dinner can have an effect on your reach and/or open rates. See if your marketing should “fall back” too!

Here are five things you can do to transition your marketing for Daylight Savings.

  1. Check your website analytics. Are users coming to your site at a different time of day now? Maybe your customers are still shopping at night–and it’s just one hour later! Maybe your blog is suddenly seeing a spike in the lighter morning hours. You may not see much of a change here, but if you do, it’ll be important!
  2. Review each platform analytics. See if your week’s analytics change per platform, too. Are your Instagram followers online at a different time? Did the 7 o’clock dinner rush (and engagement drop) seem to push a bit earlier? Take note–and change up your schedule!
  3. Watch your email open rates. Also monitor your email open rates.
  4. See if other are changing their habits as well. Take a look at your emails and social feed. Are some of your faves doing anything differently?
  5. Give testing a try! If you’re really curious, build some timing tests into your strategy! You may find that the hour or so of Daylight Savings doesn’t make much of a difference, but you may discover something totally new.

What type of testing are you going to try in the new season?

Author: Brittany

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