On Digital Wellness and Great Words

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Truth: I’m getting overly exhausted of this digital industry we’re all in.

So I’m finding that balance and finding the positives in this wild digital age, for my own digital wellness and success.

I’ve been doing all the reading, underlining, and listening right now, but in a slow, dabbling way.

It feels like I’m *soaking* up *good* words again.

And drawing lines to connections that weren’t there for a while.

It feels human.

I’m checking my digital content consumption (digital wellness 101!):
✔️Not just news and fear and division.
✔️Not just click-driven headlines and dollar-laden, need-based copy.
✔️Not just customized prompts and feedback loops.
✔️Not just video and humor and quick chit chats back and forth.
✔️Not just lists of “musts” and “shoulds” for x, y, z outcome.

And using our amazing digital world to discover real, heartfelt, human *words* and collected thoughts… on pages and in stories, essays, and audio dialogue.

Some favorites I’ll be keeping in my ears and on my nightstand as I close out the year:

  • 🎙️ We Can Do Hard Things Podcast by Glennon Doyle – Listen Now
  • 📖 The Feminine Way by @amynatalieco and her podcast, 🎙️ The Feminine Frequency (a recent find!) – Shop Now!
  •  📖 Joyful, by @IngridFetell (a re-read!) – Shop Now!
  •  📖 My @CorepowerYoga training book! (coming back to it!)
  •  📖 Plant Tribe by @urbanjungleblog / @planttribebook (gosh it’s gorgeous!) – Shop Now!
  • 🎙️ The Fearless Writer Podcast by @BethKempton
  • 📖 The Shadow Work Journal by @ZenfulNote – Shop Now!

What words are you *in* these days? How are you monitoring your digital wellness and keeping to what really brings you joy?

Dive in as I explore this concept on the podcast!

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