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Being a part of one of the first generations to be introduced to Facebook (remember when it was only for college students?), and working in digital marketing, I’ve found my need for nature, simple wellness, and simplicity stronger than ever.

modern life+ business: making tech work for you.

I love technology. It’s my day-to-day. I appreciate social media and the inter-connectedness of our world. And I’m marveled by the wave of entrepreneurship. I hope someday that my daughter will live in a world where travel and working from some remote location is normal–and only seen as a way to further their creativity.

natural life+ business: listening to your whole.

And I love simplicity, reflection, growth. When I became a mom, I was thrown into a huge growth phase. My whole world turned upside down in amazing and unexpected ways. I felt outside of my own skin, like a new person. And I saw that the path to re-finding myself required a sort of centered, slowness, methodical mindfulness, and simple trust.

I had to re-learn my whole.

And I see that we’re not losing, but regaining this way of thinking. Momentum is definitely there for a changed way of living again.

I think we all feel this today in different ways and at different seasons.

This little corner called modernnaturale is meant to empower women to listen in and live their whole beautifully—in business and in life.

On modernnaturale you’ll find ways to find your center and create your calm. Because life isn’t always a beautiful yoga session on the beach…sometimes it’s hectic and requires a way to simplify (and celebrate) that chaos. But I’ll share some great tips on centering when you do have the time, too… because we all need more of that!

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