Email Marketing Strategy with Ashley K DeLuca [Shownotes]


Master Your Email Marketing Strategy

*Truth* Because of an email, I reconnected and earned a new client this week that I hadn’t signed earlier this year.

Email is up close and personal, and what you say really matters.

I’ve seen it large-scale on the in-house corporate side, too. We once found a great agency through an email newsletter that came at just the right time talking about just the right topic (hmm?). After our work together, they now have relationships with all of us, across different organizations. That’s a lot of touch points.

I make it one of my early setup goals with clients to drive communications toward email sign-ups, and ensure they’re setup for them! Because having that email address and building that relationship: it’s gold!

In this episode, I chat with Ashley K DeLuca: mom, business owner, previous 9-5’er, and email marketing strategist with a unique relationship-first email marketing strategy.

Listen in for:

    • how to get started with a solid email marketing strategy
    • how to keep your email marketing relationship-based!
    • how to build+scale your email marketing strategy
    • Also mentioned in the podcast: our favorite email marketing/CRM tool, Active Campaign. Give it a try today and see why it’s our favorite. (Ashley actually tuned me into this one–thanks, Ashley!)

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