Mastering Your Growth Mindset for Business with Jordan Schanda King [Shownotes]

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Master Your Mindset

In this episode of the Daydreamin’ Digital podcast, I chatted with Jordan Schanda King of Easy Scaling about how to master your growth mindset for business. We chat about being an entrepreneur, helpful business tools, the importance of mindset, how and why to build a support system, why you need to go all in on your business–and why Canva should officially be considered a hobby. 

[The Short Notes]

      • why mindset is important for business
      • how to master your mindset
      • mental blocks that you can erase today to grow and understanding how mindset affects your business
      • strategies to stop focusing on the “followers” and start focusing on your mindset
      • the mindset of a successful business and entrepreneur

For over a decade, Jordan Schanda King has been an entrepreneur. It all started when she joined forces with her mom to start her first business and continued when she teamed up with her bestie to start a second business. 

Now, Jordan is taking the lessons that she learned from her previous businesses and starting one all on her own. This new endeavor focuses on helping women with strategy AND implementation in their businesses–a combination that can be hard to find.

Jordan describes it as being a contract COO (Chief Operating Officer), or in other words, someone who manages the operations side of things. It’s a perfect fit for her because it allows her to “get her hands dirty” and help these women to streamline, simplify, and scale their businesses in a way that feels good to them.

While everyone has their own unique preferences, when I asked Jordan what some of her favorite business tools were, she was happy to share some of her faves: ClickUp for project management, Canva for creating, and Bonjono for video messaging. She recommends these tools to her own clients and uses them herself.

When it comes to mindset work, Jordan stresses the importance of having support. She herself employs several coaches–each for a separate area of her life. Even if you can’t afford to hire coaches for support, there are other ways to find it. For instance you can find a “biz bestie”–essentially another female business owner who you can talk things through with and lean on for support.

Here are some tips that Jordan shared on where to find a “biz bestie”:

  • Facebook groups
  • Events
  • Clubhouse
  • Instagram 

In fact, Jordan started a Facebook group to address this very need. It’s called “Find Your Biz Bestie” and she invites you to join her (and me!) there!

You can even find a few “biz besties” and form a group. The group can meet once a month to talk, start a Slack channel or text thread–there are so many free, informal ways to find support. 

As the episode comes to a close, Jordan talks about the importance of “taking massive action.” She’s noticed that when things work out for her, it’s because she went all in and was committed. And even when things didn’t exactly work out as planned, she recognizes that they do because the situation presented her with other avenues to explore.

If this episode struck a chord with you, you can connect with Jordan Schanda King by visiting her website, Facebook page, Instagram, or by joining her “Find Your Biz Bestie” Facebook group.

Connect with Jordan and make sure to check out her Facebook Group: Find Your Biz Bestie!

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