Our Baby Girl is One

Our baby girl turned one last week. Wow! I remember waiting on maternity leave. It was a blazing hot summer, even through September. I remember eating dried pineapple, continually re-washing clothes for my overnight bag, and getting tired of Vanderpump Rules reruns. My computer files were organized. I’d even gone through my old gmail Drive.

I realized I better settle in, so I started planning out some studying some while on maternity leave. Then, right there started my contractions. I thought it was pretty funny that the moment I started doing something solely for myself again (instead of prepping for baby or freezing maternity/paternity leave food), there came baby!

baby first birthday

Needless to say, life became pretty different with baby girl. It was immediately filled with extra laundry, early mornings, some late nights, cutesy blankets of all materials and sizes, a new skill of using one free hand, did I say laundry?, and quick bites! I remember working on acing the perfect diaper change, learning a new language of hand motions, and trying to handle little onesie head/arm holes and snaps with increasing swiftness.

baby first birthday cake

Yet it was also a running reel of the most magical moments of my life: smiles, cuddles, so many “firsts,” and introducing this special person to all of our friends and family. You can write about, project, and visualize all you want pre-baby, but the cliche you always hear is wonderfully true: nothing really prepares you for the feeling of having your little one in your arms and in the world.

To put it into perspective, there were countless times when she caught me in a snuggle (or had I caught her?!). I remember I’d also be starving… with a phone on 2% and in need of more coffee and a shower even more than food. But whenever I’d glance down at her slumbering face, I didn’t think or feel any of that. And I didn’t want to budge, much less leave. So, though it still baffles me how I have a large load of laundry every single time with such miniature clothes and cloths, I fell absolutely in love with every second of motherhood. Every wonder, new surprise, stained/wet/dirty piece of something, giggle, and all.

baby first birthday

Now that one year has passed, I’m still shocked at the laundry! But the early days slowly melded into each new change, week after week. Sometimes it felt like she was a new baby from the time I said goodbye in the morning to the time I came home from work. They really do grow at unbelievable rates!

Life is different. Life is no longer just our own. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. Bring it on, Year 2! I’ve shared some quick pics from her one-year family part at home. Reach out or comment below if you’re dying to know where I found the cutest onesie ever!

baby first birthday

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