Yoga morning.

I actually got up early today (sans alarm) and committed — I went right downstairs and practiced. My mind slowly wandered and settled on one big thought (our Handmaid’s Tale hour last night may also be half to blame! 🖐 if you watch!): our amazing bodies.

It took me about a year to get my yoga teacher certification, and I needed that time and brain space. After starting training 9 months postpartum, I realized my body was different — I needed to rebuild, to make new connections, and to re-learn muscle memory. I swear yoga helped me get back in shape after having a baby.

And in recent months, it finally all gels and makes more sense. Now, I can really grow as a teacher and student. 

I’ve wondered, why don’t we care more about mom’s body postpartum? Other than how well she’s taking care of it for breastfeeding, or how soon she can technically hold baby if she had a c-section (does anyone actually follow that!?). Our hearts are beautifully huge and minds rightly preoccupied after baby! But your body doesn’t just mend on its own — it evolves, it heals. It doesn’t mend. 

I’ve committed to asking every mom friend post-baby how they are doing, too — very clearly. 

I’m sure everyone’s experience and even every baby is different. 

How about you? Did you feel connected to your body again right away? Did you even think about your own body? (Other than how soon you could fit back into your old clothes — just so you could put those maternity ones away?!)

Author: Brittany

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