my why

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mama bear + Wifey

born+raised southern californian

half nerd & half free spirit

creative at heart

believer in yoga

extroverted introvert

When I became a mom, reality changed.
The reality that I should do all the great things for my kids, make our home all sorts of cozy, and still have a life (and full-time job!) of my own was a weighty surprise to my previous reality. Not to mention, your mind and body go through a major transformation when becoming a mama. (Oh, there is so much more to say after this statement. Follow me on the 'gram if you feel the same feels.)

This shift really made me look at life through all angles.

I realized just as important as the time spent and lessons taught with my family, I wanted to live by example. I wanted to be whole as I raised my daughter (now daughterS). To answer my un-answered callings and find my own story. I wanted to find a way to make my dreams of writing, creating, and building something I believed in a reality, so that she, too, could learn to craft a life of her own making. (Whatever that would come to mean!)

I discovered the power of space, and rebuilt.
About 9 months in postpartum, I started studying power vinyasa yoga. I was re-molding as a first-time mom, and re-molding as a person. I meditated in the only way I ever could: in the movement. I took super deep breaths and I let the house get messy. I found ways to rebuild my habits, routines, and thought patterns. I made space for what I needed and accepted what I didn’t. I use that method of breathing daily.

At the same time, listened; I tested the waters. And I rebuilt my new normal. I realized where my priorities drew the line for me, and when my creativity kicked in. And I re-found who I was in light of also being a good mom. And went for it.

I think my experience is relatable for moms, but can truly be likened to a lot of our modern experiences in this rapid world. I want to share that experience with other mamas, women, and people chasing a dream (a super reach-able one!).

to help creative entrepreneurs build a digital business and succeed online, by simplifying the numbers and amping up the results.

to contribute to the community shifting the way society views, represents, and discusses motherhood and to help reshape the conversation on modern motherhood in order to help women embrace a full life that includes their dreams, too.

It all begins with a why…

my mission

my vision