from a free-spirited former perfectionist

When I became a full-time working mom, life became even more hectic, and it felt even more important that I do all the things, spend quality time with our daughter, make our home all sorts of cozy, and still have a life of my own.

It also became more important to live whole as I raised my daughter. To grow from my mistakes, so she could be a better woman. To trust myself, so she could find confidence in her own decisions much younger than I did. And to celebrate life, so she always knew where to turn.

I realized that though I always loved simplicity, raw edges, and creativity (parts of my whole), I wasn’t living true to that side of me as well as I could. About 9 months in postpartum, I started studying power vinyasa yoga. I was re-molding as a first-time mom, and re-molding as a person. I meditated in the only way I ever could, in the movement. I took super deep breaths and I let the house get messy (sometimes). I found ways to rebuild my habits, routines, and thought patterns. I made space for what I needed and accepted what I didn’t. (And it’s always going to be a work in progress!)

I really minimized my thoughts, all the things, and my life to allow in a bit of slow. And the funny thing is, in the smoother, clearer waters, things actually sped up.

My hope here is to inspire you to fill up your own cup, to re-center and change the way you live by embracing your own organized chaos. To live whole. Free.

To hear not just from me, but from other women… creatives, mothers, business owners, passion-preneurs. And to take what may work for you, and leave what doesn’t.

What’s your why?