It all begins with a why...

When I became a mom, life became even more hectic.

The reality that I should do all the things for our family, make our home all sorts of cozy, and still have a life of my own was a weighty surprise to my previous reality. (Talk about making you look at your life through all angles!)

I realized just as important as the time spent and lessons taught, I wanted to live by example. I wanted to be whole as I raised my daughter, to answer the un-answered calls and find my own story. I wanted to finally make my dreams a reality, so that she, too, could learn to craft a life of her own making.

I discovered the power of space, and rebuilt.

I had been dabbling with my own business and freelancing ideas on and off for years—alongside having full-time jobs. Women who do all the things, run a side hustle, or make their passion project a sensation are truly inspiring. I soaked it all up, but it also mixed me up.

About 9 months in postpartum, I started studying power vinyasa yoga. I was re-molding as a first-time mom, and re-molding as a person. I meditated in the only way I ever couldL in the movement. I took super deep breaths and I let the house get messy (sometimes). I found ways to rebuild my habits, routines, and thought patterns. I made space for what I needed and accepted what I didn’t. 

I listened. I tested the waters. And I rebuilt my #newnormal. I love connecting with other moms, sharing our stories, and helping bring one another up. What’s your why?