Are you a passion project chaser, too?

Why do I absolutely love being a part of a community of like-minds? I’m a mama bear, digital marketer by day, writer, and full-time working mom sharing my journey into building and expanding my own creative entrepreneurship–as I help others do the same. On the blog, I’m sharing my favorite ways to live well, mamahood, and some great marketing and business tips. What motivates you?

Is your marketing mindful?

An intentional + centered approach to marketing
for all the free spirits with a passion.

I get you! You love your brand. You enjoy what you do, and you believe in it. But how do you make others feel the same? With that same passion and authenticity. I help creative entrepreneurs and small business owners share their awesome passion projects with mindful, intentional marketing! Ready to get creative, crunch (a little!) numbers, and have some fun?